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We pride ourselves with our collection of 7 of the 8 Giant Clams of the world. Instead of extinction, under our Giant Clam Restocking Programme, these endangered shell creatures are well on their way to further reproduction. If luck permits, watch them spawn a great multitude. Excite your day with a visit to our maternity tank where pregnant seahorses rest beside mothering bamboo sharks. And if a feast for the eyes ignites you further, take a reach into our "touch" tank where starfish amid other sea creatures await your caresses. For the true marine lover, we welcome you to our Reef Regeneration Programme. In this nautical highlight, chanced guests are given the honour of replanting replenished corals back into the reef.

We look forward to presenting you with our authentic simulated habitats of eccentric fish species, our very own laboratory, coral and clam holding tanks and our edifying auditorium. We hope to give back to society as our center invites scholars of all calibers to partake in our Marine Environment Education Programme aiming to create a reflective consciousness towards our marine environment.